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Advanced Excel

Microsoft Excel is an essential application and basis of all data entry jobs. We all know the basic options of it, but there are many advanced excel functions that very few know.

Companies require that the applicants need to have an industry level training, which will be globally beneficial, help you with superior recognition and competitive advantage over un-skilled professionals.

Syllabus, 20 hrs

Advanced Excel

  • Introduction to advanced excel

  • Data tab(advanced sort & filter, what if analysis, data validation)        

  • Functions(Text, logical, look-up & advanced functions)        

  • Dynamic charts and Pivot tables        

  • VBA/Macros(Sub routines, Loops, UDFS)        

  • User forms

We tend to believe that we know MS-Excel. When in fact, we only know the basic things. Some of the people who have been using Excel for a long time do not know the full features available on the application.


In the entire globe, 750 million people use Excel in their daily life. So imagine the benefits you will have if you are a pro in Excel.

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