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SYLLABUS SIMILAR TO CIPS level 4 ‘plus’ Analytics

Welcome to the exciting, wonderful world of “Procurement and Supply Management”. During the first portion of 21st century, more changes are taking place in the areas of Supply Management, Supply Chain Management, Value Network Management, Buyer/Supplier alliances and virtual corporations than in the history of mankind Dynamic collaborative and trusting alliance relationships and networks are the keys to the survival and success in 21st century.

On supply side, the relationships are best established and nurtured by Supply Management Professionals. IT, Engineering, Marketing, Operations, Quality and Finance all play critical, enabling roles in our quest of value-added relationships. The transformation from clerical and mechanical purchasing through proactive procurement and Supply Management to Value Network Management parallels the evolution of the man-kind from caves to visiting the moon.

The primary reason for this shift from tactical purchasing roles to strategic supply management is because of its huge impact on the organisation’s bottom line The post - pandemic implications will be very high and Professionals will experience different level of expectations from Stake holders. Learn and be ready


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Learn from ISM/IIMM certified CPM (Certified Purchasing Manager)
Online, live and inter-active
Networking with diverse professionals, across various locations
Will help those preparing for Global certification programs like ISM – CPSM program & CIPS Level 4, at economic pricing


Module 1
Procurement & Supply

• Introduction to Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

• The Purchasing and the supply process

• Scope and influence of Procurement & Supply

• Defining business need

• Commercial contracting

• Ethical responsible sourcing

• Commercial negotiation

• Supplier Relationships

• Whole Life Asset Management

• Procurement and Supply in Practice

• Emerging Purchasing and Supply Chain Strategies

​Module 3

Online Mock-test with 1000 Q&A, for all International certifications including CPSM, CIPS

Module 2
Analytical skill using Advanced Excel application

1. Relative and absolute referencing

2. Range names, Lookup functions, Index functions, Match function

3. If statements

4. Three dimensional formulas

5. Conditional formatting

6. Tables

7. Pivot tables and slicers

8. Filtering data & removing duplicates



11. What if Analysis, scenario manager, goal seek & Data tables

12. Excel forecasting functions and tools

13. Recording macros

14. Spend analytics with a detailed case study

Module 4
Soft skill development for Interview preparation

1. Resume writing

2. Uploading your resume in job portals with suitable skill sets

3. How to search for job in job portals?

4. Interview preparation

5. How networking helps?

6. Sample Supply Chain Interview Questions & possible answers

7. Mock-interviews

8. Placement assistance

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4 months
80 Hrs Program
Saturdays, Between 9.00 pm and 1.00 pm
Enrolment under progress
Knowledge of English & Graduates/Diploma

Take the next step in your career

Placement assistance

Paid internships

Live projects


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