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Analytics Alpha

In the digital world, everything has become data. Regardless of the type of industry, it is Business, accounting, education, science, engineering, healthcare, technology, energy sector, government, all rely on data analysis for decision making.

The demand for skilled data analysts is so high that job posting is higher than the availability of professionals in the field. With our Analytics Alpha program, you can learn the most important tools required to become a data scientist.

Suitable for freshers & Experienced

Analytics Alpha, 144 hrs

Advanced Excel, 24 hrs

  • Introduction to advanced excel

  • Data tab (advanced sort & filter, what if analysis, data validation)        

  • Functions (Text, logical, look-up & advanced functions)        

  • Dynamic charts and Pivot tables        

  • VBA / Macros(Sub routines, Loops, UDFS)        

  • User forms

SQL, 16 hrs

  • Introduction to SQL        

  • Basic relational database management concepts (SQL commands, Normalisation, 1NF, 2NF..)

  • Concept of table (create, import, check tables & select, insert, update, Delete function)

  • Data-base functions (group by, count, where option, mathematical and scalar functions, primary key constraint)

Python, 24 hrs

  • Introduction to Python

  • Using Python – The basics

  • Plotting data

  • Numpy

  • Pandas

  • Data Wrangling

  • Data Aggregations and group Operations

Tableau, 16 hrs

Base Analytics, 32 hrs

Digital Analytics, 16 hrs

  • Basics of data visualization

  • Getting started with Tableau

  • Connecting to data

  • Filters / Parameters

  • Basic views

  • Advanced view

  • Customising views

  • Calculations

  • Functions

  • Data Blending

  • Dashboards

  • Deploy and Publish workbooks

  • Introduction to Analytics

  • Descriptive analytics

  • Statistical testing

  • Regression and correlation

  • Modelling techniques

R, 16 hrs

  • Introduction to Google Analytics

  • Creating a lead generation campaign

  • Creating a lead generation campaign on Facebook

  • Basic R programming

  • Advanced R programming

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