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Analytics Alpha+

Covering vast topics and tools, our Analytics Alpha+ program is a comprehensive training to help you achieve your dream of becoming an expert in data analytics.

Imagine being the person top-level executives turn to before they make any major business decision. 

Imagine the top industry pay and wider opportunities.

 Advanced Analytics is the first step towards such an exciting career.


Advanced Excel

  • Introduction to advanced excel

  • Data tab(advanced sort & filter, what if analysis, data validation)        

  • Functions(Text, logical, look-up & advanced functions)        

  • Dynamic charts and Pivot tables        

  • VBA/Macros(Sub routines, Loops, UDFS)        

  • User forms


  • Introduction to SQL        

  • Basic relational database management concepts (SQL commands, Normalisation, 1NF, 2NF..)

  • Concept of table(create, import, check tables & select, insert, update, Delete function)

  • Data-base functions(group by, count, where option, mathematical and scalar functions, primary key constraint)


  • Introduction to Python

  • Using Python – The basics

  • Plotting data

  • Numpy

  • Pandas

  • Data Wrangling

  • Data Aggregations and group Operations


  • Basics of data visualization

  • Getting started with Tableau

  • Connecting to data

  • Filters/Parameters

  • Basic views

  • Advanced view

  • Customising views

  • Calculations

  • Functions

  • Data Blending

  • Dashboards

  • Deploy and Publish workbooks

Base Analytics

  • Introduction to Analytics

  • Descriptive analytics

  • Statistical testing

  • Regression and correlation

  • Modelling techniques


  • Basic R Programming

  • Advanced applications of R

Power BI

  • Introduction to Power BI

  • Query editor

  • Transforming data

  • Filters and slicers

  • Charts and concepts

  • Creating reports

  • Dax functions

  • Creating datasets

  • Sharing and exploring power BI dashboards

Advanced Analytics

  • Text Analytics

  • Automation time series

  • Machine learning

  • Data visualization

Digital Analytics

  • Introduction to Google Analytics

  • Creating a lead generation campaign

  • Creating a lead generation campaign on Facebook

Deep Learning using Python

  • Advanced Python & Calculus concept

  • Tensorflow

  • Neural networks

Analytics Infrastructure

  • Real time analytics

  • Performance optimization

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