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Unlock the Power of Data: Join Our Exclusive Online Event on Business Analytics

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What is Analytics ?

Analytics is the process of discovering, interpreting, and communicating significant patterns in data. Quite simply, analytics helps us see insights and meaningful data that we might not otherwise detect. Business analytics focuses on using insights derived from data to make more informed decisions that will help organizations increase sales, reduce costs, and make other business improvements.

Business Analytics

Business analytics is ubiquitous these days because every company wants to perform better and will analyze data to make better decisions. Organizations are looking to get more from analytics—using more data to drive deeper insights faster, for more people—and all for less. To meet those goals, you need a robust cloud analytics (PDF) platform that supports the entire analytics process with the security, flexibility, and reliability you expect. It needs to help you empower your users to do self-service analysis without sacrificing governance. And it must be easy to administer.

But how can you get the benefits of an enterprise-class system without enterprise-class costs and infrastructure? With business analytics—using personalization, machine learning, and deep domain knowledge—companies can gain relevant, actionable insights from data across applications, data warehouses, and data lakes. Business analytics should be a complete process that calls for an action. Once insights are achieved, a business can then re-evaluate, re-execute, and reconfigure its processes. It’s all about taking the action.


For Participants

1. To know and learn about application of business analytics
2. Soft copies of all final presented projects(codes, data-sets and ppt) will be provided
3. By practicing, will be able to understand the concepts better and become confident to attend the interview
4. Can be added to the resume as attendee for I day conference
5. Chances of participating as contestants increases, for future events
6. Virtually network and meet other participants
7. All participants LinkedIn profile will be shared(unless someone does not want to share)
8. Meet with mentor, peers


For Contestants/Awardee

1. Demonstrates the technical capabilities and business analytics
application to the real business world
2. Wide exposure in a large forum with participants having similar
3. Use it in the resume to increase the weightage and improve the
chances of getting a better job?
4. Get a prize, up to 1 lac INR
5. Certificate of merit which can saved for the life time
6. Improves the social status
7. Badge can be used in all social media
8. Set the bench-mark or find out how far is the bench mark
9. Auto eligible for future similar events
10. Become mentors, peer and recognized in the domain


For Sponsors

1. With around 1000 expected participants, in business analytics field, it will be beneficial to promote relevant products
2. Analytical solution providers, training institutes, corporates trying to recruit analysts, foreign university promotors, recruitment agencies etc…
3. Depending on budget, different level of coverage is possible
4. Sponsor name can be tied up with award titles
5. To get better coverage, they can sponsor an exclusive show inside this program. Ex Stand-up comedian show or quiz contests
6. Certificates can be co-sponsored
7. All possible digital exposure will be provided


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