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Executive Training Program in

Certified Digital Marketing Analyst

Specialization in Digital Marketing & Marketing Analytics


5 months

150 hours


job oriented


What is Digital Marketing Analytics?

Powerful  growing business requirements combing both Digital Marketing & Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing analytics is defined as the translation of customer behavior into actionable business data. Digital marketers collect customer data, use digital marketing analytics tools to examine this data, and identify patterns that inform future marketing strategies. According to Social Media Today, “Analytics tell you what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong. What’s working and what’s not working on all facets of your marketing, from social media to content to email marketing. If you’re not measuring you’re guessing.”

What are the benefits of using business analytics?  

to identify deviations

Keeping you on budget.

Better decision making.

Staying in the know.

Building efficiency

The Importance of Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing analytics is more important now than ever before. This is because data is useless to marketers and advertisers if it has yet to be translated into meaningful, applicable insights. Digital marketers need to understand how to pull insights from customer behavior and find opportunities to increase revenue, improve UX and enhance customer satisfaction. Digital marketing analytics help marketers analyze data about customer behavior and better understand, improve and predict the customer journey.

1. Use Digital Marketing Analytics to Understand Customers' Preferences

2. Use Digital Marketing Analytics to Improve the Customer Experience

3. Use Digital Marketing Analytics to Predict Customer Behavior

Digital Marketing Analytics vs. Web Analytics

The difference between general web analytics and digital marketing analytics is in their focus. While web analytics provides information about website performance and optimization, digital marketing analytics offer contextual insight around user behavior in, on, and around your site.

Quite simply, web analytics (like many of the metrics we defined above)just isn't enough. The data that web analytics provides alone doesn't cut it for marketers who need to understand how their work makes an impact throughout the entire marketing and sales flywheel.

Let's face it: Today's marketing extends well beyond the bounds of your website. It also includes how your marketing channels interact, the insight you gain from those outcomes, and the progress you track through your reporting.

This perspective provides the foundational data you need to structure your flywheel — delighting your existing customers enough to attract and engage new ones.

Web analytics measure things a webmaster or technical SEO specialist care about, like page load speed, page views per visit, and time on site.

Digital marketing analytics, on the other hand, measures business metrics like traffic, leads, and sales, and allow you to observe which online events determine whether leads will become customers.

Digital marketing analytics include data not only from your website, but also from sources like email, social media, and organic search.

What kind of job requirements in the market?

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Program Content

PART I – Basic Data Analytics Tools (Common for all Specialization – 100hrs)

Module1 – Data Science basics (2 hrs)

  • Data and its types

  • Data analysis and analytics

  • Analytical model frame work

  • Big data & its applications

  • Basics of coding

Module 2 – Python for data analytics (13 hrs)

  • Is Anaconda/Jupiter still relevant? How Google Collaboratory is replacing it?

  • Conditional & Loop statements

  • Functions

  • Exceptions handling, types of error

  • Modules

  • Tuples, lists, dictionaries

  • NumPy, Pandas

  • Matplotlib

  • Importing files in Python

  • Seaborn

  • Working on datasets (incl preparation, modeling & analysis)

Module 3 – Applied Statistics (10 hrs)

  • Statistics foundations

  • Probability and statistical inferences

  • Hypothesis testing applications

  • Working with data sets

  • Predictive models using regression

Module 4 – MySQL (10 hrs)

  • Introduction

  • Fundamental statements

  • Refining selection (charts & graphs)

  • Database

  • Joins & string function

  • Functions

  • Projects & case studies

Module 5 – Advanced excel (10 hrs)

  • Excel functions

  • If, for, while statements

  • Charts & graphs

  • Pivot tables

  • Slicers

  • Macros

  • VB

  • Simple dash boards

Module 6 – Power BI (10 hrs)

  • Introduction

  • Query editor

  • Data Models & relationships

  • DAX(Data Analysis Expressions)

  • Reporting, Case study

Module 7 – Introduction to ML(20 hrs – live + recorded)

  • Introduction to machine learning

  • Regression

  • Classification

  • Clustering – K means

  • KNN

  • Advanced regression models

  • Decision trees

  • Ensemble techniques

  • Support Vector machines

  • Bayesian family algorithms

  • Time-series analysis

  • Pipeline & auto ML

  • Projects

Part II – Digital Marketing

Module 1 (10 hrs) - WordPress

  • Introduction to WordPress

  • Landing Page creation

Module 2 (10 hrs) – Content Creation

  • Blog writing as a marketing tool

  • Introduction to SEO – Yoast Tool

  • Visual and Video content creation

Module 3 (10 hrs) – Paid Ads

  • Google Ads – Search, display & YouTube

  • Meta Ads -  Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation

Module 4 (20 hrs) – Marketing Tools

  • Introduction to CRM

  • Email Marketing

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • SMS & WhatsApp Marketing

Module 5 (20 hrs) – ChatGPT

  • Introduction to ChatGPT

  • AIRPM Plugin for ChatGPT

  • Content Writing & Social Media Calendars

  • AI in Visual Design (Midjourney & Canva)

Part III – Application and case studies

Section A (20 hrs)

  • Basic concepts in Sales, Marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, market research, Influencer marketing..

  • Marketing trends & CRM

  • Digital Marketing Metrics & benchmarking

  • Why Digital Marketing analytics is key to today’s survival?

Section B (30 hrs), Similar to below Case studies(min 4, assignment 1)

  • To be announced

Duration: 5 months, ~ 150 Hrs Program(live)

Day: Week-ends, Start date and time – check with our staff. Enrollment under Progress

Mode: Online, Live and Inter-active

Platform: GoToMeeting and/ or similar


1.     Enrollment certificate - < 80% attendance

2.     Participation certificate - > 80 % attendance

3.     Completion certificate - > 80 % attendance + 60% score in final exam (1 attempt)

4.     Internship certificate - > 80 % attendance + 60% score in final exam (1 attempt) + one project under our guidance


The e-certificates are provided from “Thoughtware Analytics” (a unit of “Thoughtware Training Pvt Ltd”).

Validity-life time

Program Conducted by:

  • LinkedIn

Lead Trainer:
Mr. Pattabhi Raman, APICS – CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, DDI – DDPP, PMP

Globally recognized Supply Chain expert

Specialist Trainers


Training Materials:

All video links, templates etc.. will be provided


1. XXXXXXXXX – Pl contact our team, for best prices (early-bird etc..).


2. Early bird discount is applicable, if payment is made within due date, in single instalment

3. Only e-certificate will be provided

4. This is special promotional price, no refund or adjustment possible.

5. This pricing is for individuals and request for quote, if you need for corporate training

6. Content of the program will be updated regularly, based on market developments and domain experts’ advice

7. Option to choose more than one specialization is possible at additional cost

8. Below Placement assistance will be provided to all candidates who have 80% attendance + > 60% score in final exam

*         Resume Review

*         Mock-interview

*         Job referrals

9. No refund or exchange is possible under any circumstances. Pl make sure you understand the content, scope and methodology, before you enroll



Payment from multiple modes possible – UPI, Credit card, Debit card, Internet Banking and Pocket Wallet. Please reach out to us to get the payment link Thoughtware Training Pvt Ltd.


Mr Shahabaz. K     

Marketing Lead

Dr PC Gita PhD

Ex- CIPLA, SCI, Protec

Marketing & HR Specialist

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# All rights reserved. Program content, schedule maybe updated depending on requirements

# All video links, will be valid for limited period. For long term use, you are requested to download to your local system

# The candidate is expected to have latest version of software installed in the system and ready with the system during the program. We will not involve in software installation, during our programs. However, pre-assistance will be provided

# Though we provide placement assistance, we do not guarantee the job

# This Executive program is developed for skill development and are not recognized by any universities and government authorities

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