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Unlock the Power of Data: Join Our Exclusive Online Event on Business Analytics

Upto 1 Lakh in Prize Money

Become Recognized in the Industry

Find mentors & peers



What is Analytics ?

Analytics is the process of discovering, interpreting, and communicating significant patterns in data. Quite simply, analytics helps us see insights and meaningful data that we might not otherwise detect. Business analytics focuses on using insights derived from data to make more informed decisions that will help organizations increase sales, reduce costs, and make other business improvements.

Business Analytics

Business analytics is ubiquitous these days because every company wants to perform better and will analyze data to make better decisions. Organizations are looking to get more from analytics—using more data to drive deeper insights faster, for more people—and all for less. To meet those goals, you need a robust cloud analytics (PDF) platform that supports the entire analytics process with the security, flexibility, and reliability you expect. It needs to help you empower your users to do self-service analysis without sacrificing governance. And it must be easy to administer.

But how can you get the benefits of an enterprise-class system without enterprise-class costs and infrastructure? With business analytics—using personalization, machine learning, and deep domain knowledge—companies can gain relevant, actionable insights from data across applications, data warehouses, and data lakes. Business analytics should be a complete process that calls for an action. Once insights are achieved, a business can then re-evaluate, re-execute, and reconfigure its processes. It’s all about taking the action.


For Contestants/Awardee

1. Demonstrates the technical capabilities and business analytics
application to the real business world
2. Wide exposure in a large forum with participants having similar
3. Use it in the resume to increase the weightage and improve the
chances of getting a better job?
4. Get a prize, up to 1 lac INR
5. Certificate of merit which can saved for the life time
6. Improves the social status
7. Badge can be used in all social media
8. Set the bench-mark or find out how far is the bench mark
9. Auto eligible for future similar events
10. Become mentors, peer and recognized in the domain

Download brochure below: 

Check out the entire value proposition of this event on this brochure: 

Profile of Contestants

Have knowledge in Business Analytics application in their work area, proficient in coding. Students & freshers can also participate under different categories.

General for contestants

1. All contestants must submit the project, as per schedule

2. Projects involving coding will have higher weightage (eg. Python, R & ML)

3. Those projects without coding and using only visualization software will have lower weightage (eg. Excel, SPSS, PowerBI, Tableau and similar software)

4. Those submitting projects in their domain will have higher weightage. For e.g. HR Managers to submit HR analytical projects

5. Contestants has to participate only at one category with one project

6. Project should have complete cycle as per CRISP or similar methodology

7. Avoid using data-set available in public domain, including from Kaggle, similar sites and Analytical text books. Submission will be rejected if more than one contestant uses the same data-set

8. Preferred to use the data-set from your current or previous or friend’s organization. Maybe confidential information, including organization’s name, product can be hidden

9. Interpretation must be practical to the real-life situation. Must be able to demonstrate the benefit to the organizations

10. Those who are applying for Level1, 2 & 3 should provide relevant experience certificate

11. All contestants should provide any one govt id proof

12. While submitting, all contestants must submit the datasets with explanation, codes and interpretations/conclusions in ppt. These details will be shared with the participants at the end of the program

Data Sets to Avoid

1. Iris, Fake News Detection, Wine Quality, Titanic, UBER pick-ups, Credit card detection, IBM Employee Attrition etc

2. For further datasets, visit below & similar site and avoid these data

Selection of Contestant for the award

1. Jury of experts with both domain as well as data science knowledge will participate in the selection process

2. Contestants must apply with project details(data set, codes, ppts)

3. They must explain & execute in the pre-selection process

4. Top 3 selected contestants, in each application area, will present in the final conference

5. Senior Jury members who are present in the conference will decide the award

6. Awards will be announced on the final conference day, before conclusion of the event

7. Certificates and prizes will be sent to awardees within one week from the completion of the program

8. Jury’s decision will be final both at pre-qualification stages and award stage

9. Any influence or argument will auto dis-qualify the contestant

Levels for Awards

Apply based on these levels

Level 1

Eligibility – Min 10 years experiences in Corporates (publicly listed), using analytics in their function. Ideally having Analytics, in their job title Welcome for Contest without any fees


Welcome for Contest without any fees

Title – Analytics Leader 2023

Prize ~ 100k

Number of prizes – 1

Level 2

Eligibility – Min 2 years experiences in Corporates(publicly listed), using analytics in their function. Ideally having Analytics, in their job title Welcome for Contest without any fees


Welcome for Contest without any fees

Title – Analytics Expert 2023

Prize ~ 50k

Number of prizes – 3

Level 3

Eligibility – Min 2 years experiences in Academics/Colleges, Trainers in private institutes, private consulting organizations, Software developers, Solutions providers, sole proprietorship, start-ups, non-listed companies & other similar profiles, who does not fall under corporates.

Contestant fees – INR 1000 + GST


Title – Certified Analytics Consultant

Prize ~ 100k

Number of prizes – 5

Level 4

Eligibility – College students, freshers and all others, not falling under the above 3 levels


Contestant fees – INR 2500+ GST

Title – Certified Analyst Professional

Prize ~ 10k

Number of prizes – 10


If you feel you much above all these levels (min Level 1 & above) you can become consultant for this event. You can also become one of the jury members. Suitable compensation will be provided. You can directly approach us with your credentials.


If you do not fit under any of the above categories, but interested to enter Business Analytics domain, You can participate on final one day presentation, where all the above short-listed experts will participate.


1. In case of any dispute, our decision will be final.

2. Award Title, Prize amount, Number of prizes will vary depending on number of contestants, participants and sponsors.

3. All prizes will be in the form of electronic gadgets and there will be no choice nor cash rewards. The same will be decided by our organization.

4. Certificates will be in the e-form.

5. No refund or any other adjustment if possible.

6. Any argument or wrong submissions can lead automatic suspensions and no refund is possible.

7. We reserve 100 % of rights to schedule, modify the terms and conditions without pre-notice.

8. All tax deductions, as applicable.

9. Under no circumstances, the contestant fees will be refunded.

10. For sponsor and participants promotion, we may use your profile, along with your photo. By enrolling as a contestant, you are agreeing to this statement.

11. Don’t assume anything which is not specified and get it clarified.

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