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How Amazon uses Big Data to transform the supply chain:

Big Data plays an important role in the supply chain industry right now and has pride in place alongside artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation. Through Big Data, businesses can decrease costs, enhance efficiency and ultimately make smarter decisions. The e-commerce giants Amazon use Big Data to better meet customer demands. By analyzing what a customer has recently bought, items in the shopping cart and what products a customer has searched for, Big Data enables Amazon to offer suggestions to the customer in a bid to generate more revenue. Its personalized recommendation system is thought to account for 35% of the company’s annual sales. Amazon has the drive to deliver its orders to customers faster than its rivals. In 2019, this was taken a step further through the launch of One-Day Delivery. Amazon collaborates with manufacturers to track their inventory before opting for the warehouse closest to the vendor and the customer in order to decrease costs by 10-40%.

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