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How Analytics helped to decrease crime spikes?

Crime is inevitable in a city. With our traditional approach in analyzing the world, it is not possible to predict when and where a crime is supposed to happen.

Consider the following scenario.

In the City A, crime rates were increasing in number. With the help of a data, the local police decided to locate the place and time of crime on a map just as in the picture below.

What the local police found?

After consolidating the data (Place & Time) of past crimes, they came to know that the time which these crimes happened, there was a power outage in the location for a long duration.

When cross checked with data, similar style were visible in other location.

How the local police used the data to prevent crimes from happening?

By understanding that the power outage was the main reason for people to conduct crime, they decide to double the force to petrol the areas where there is a power outage. This helped them to avoid the happening of crime in the locality next time when power is unavailable.

Data can be used to analyse a problem and understand a pattern hidden in it. This valuable insight can be used to predict such pattern in the future and avoid the same events from happening.

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