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How Tableau renders data analytics easy to understand:

Tableau is one of the most popular tools used for business intelligence. This data visualization tool is gaining more prominence. Tableau provides the tools, organizations need to transform massive volumes of business-generated data into digestible, understandable, and actionable information.

Tableau provides a detailed tutorial on how to create projects, explore advanced features, connect to the various data sources, and develop data visualization dashboards for your business.

Tableau's suite of application includes the following: -

Tableau Desktop: It is flagship product, providing self-service data visualization and analytics to ordinary people in your business.

Tableau Prep: Empowers your employees with tools that allow them to combine, shape, clean and Ope-rationalized data flows.

Tableau Online: It provides a cloud-based and cloud-managed sharing and collaboration server.

Tableau Server: It provides larger business enterprises with on-premise data sharing and collaboration that is managed hands - On and under internal protocols and controls.

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