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Advanced Excel & SQL

Today most of the structured data reside in the form of rows and columns in databases. Most of the business giants have their data stored in databases irrespective of which relational database management systems they are using.


In a role where most of your time you spend with data in correcting, getting it in shape and finally analyzing it, SQL will surely make your job easy with its nature of being simple and declarative.

Advanced Excel & SQL combined training can help you become more valuable to the employer, protects a significant amount of time, increase knowledge and management skills and better salary aspects.


Advanced Excel

  • Introduction to advanced excel

  • Data tab(advanced sort & filter, what if analysis, data validation)        

  • Functions(Text, logical, look-up & advanced functions)        

  • Dynamic charts and Pivot tables        

  • VBA/Macros(Sub routines, Loops, UDFS)        

  • User forms


  • Introduction to SQL        

  • Basic relational database management concepts (SQL commands, Normalisation, 1NF, 2NF..)

  • Concept of table(create, import, check tables & select, insert, update, Delete function)

  • Data-base functions(group by, count, where option, mathematical and scalar functions, primary key constraint)

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